Warrior High Season 2 is Coming Soon on MTV India

We are here with good news as well as bad news for all the fans of MTV India's popular show 'Warrior High'.

We are saving the best for the last and hence bringing you the bad news that the very successful show Warrior High starring Anupriya Kapoor and Ashwini Koul, will wrap up its shoot within two weeks. Yes, the show will air its last episode in the next month i.e. July.

And now for the good news...The show will be returning soon with its next season! 

We contacted the producer of Lost Boy Productions, Vikas Gupta, who said, "It is not an end but the beginning of a new season. I am glad with the success that Warrior High has gained.  It is our first successful limited series season in India."
Warrior High Season 2 is Coming Soon on MTV India
Warrior High Season 2 is Coming Soon on MTV India
Speaking about 'Warrior High Season 2', the successful producer says, "There will be a gap between both the seasons as Warrior High was always meant to be a finite series. Just like the international tv shows which take a break between seasons, we are planning to do the same as we will shoot for the next season and then it will hit the television screens once we are done shooting for it.  Hence, we will bring the new season soon ensuring that the important characters stay intact with few additional ones."

So are the fans of Warrior High excited? 


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